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Far from the idea of a recreational-recreational center that caters mainly to disabilities It is serious, our services are aimed at a range of mild disabilities, a status necessary to design autonomy paths.


Paths of autonomy

Feuerstein method

In the learning model proposed by Feuerstein, exposure to environmental stimuli plays an essential role, which already from the very early stages of development act on the organism by producing changes. stimuli extends well beyond childhood and influences learning for the whole duration of life as long as renewals and variations are ensured .... Find out more


Play and Learn

Autonomy education course aimed at children with Down Syndrome from 5 to 10 years. The main objective of the course is to develop and strengthen the first skills of autonomy as well as to experiment with the peer group. Through playful and pleasant activities children discover the limits and potential of being in a group and sharing the reference figure.


Explorers Path of educatio in autonomy

aimed at pre - adolescents with Down Syndrome aged 10 to 15 year. This is where they take their first steps on

their own; you breathe a new atmosphere, “da great ”; work begins on the 5 areas of autonomy considered basic. The kids will work on ROAD BEHAVIOR, increase their ORIENTATION, use PUBLIC TRANSPORT, learn to USE MONEY and to COMMUNICATE correctly.


Boys Club

the boys' gambal club has a duration of three years and is aimed at adolescents and young adults with Down syndrome or a similar pathology, starting from 14 years. It is divided into weekly group meetings, lasting three hours each, within which the boys and girls can face the hardships and satisfactions linked to the conquest of a progressive autonomy in the management of relations with the outside world.


Live together aimed at people with Down's Syndrome and related diseases who have completed a three-year course of education in autonomy and who have therefore acquired the skills to design and organize activities typical of a group of young friends : going to the cinema, bowling, organizing an evening in a pizzeria, a trip, etc.


Job inclusion Service 

The Service (Job Inclusion Service) aimed at researching and raising awareness of companies is aimed at potential workers and families, wants to create the concrete potential so that people with Down Syndrome can find a adequate work and create the foundations for a life that is as independent as possible. ​ ​

Down syndrome Catania

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