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#SOSBenesserePsicologico is proposed as an aid to be able to contribute to the psychophysical well-being of the Catania area and of all those people who find themselves experiencing discomfort, even if not of a psychiatric nature.


Psychological wellbeing



Our services have the objective of establishing an empathic contact with the user that is never judgmental of a human relational type in order to manage and provide for any discomfort that the user requires and not only. In fact, the intervention that a user can request depends on his needs and requirements that can be of various types: from family conflicts, couple conflicts, a critical phase that he is going through, to the deepening and knowledge of some aspects of his own functioning that you insert within appropriate and professional support helps him to better face his momentary difficulties and/or todirect him and suggest who can take care of his needs in a more specific way.


Why turn to #SOSBenesserePsicologico: According to the World Health Organization, health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, not the simple lack of illness. In accordance with this principle, the objective of #SOSBenesserePsicologico is to educate and promote the spread of the culture of psychological wellbeing as well as to meet the needs of the user.
The user, indeed, can use our services for  different reasons and matters:

  • Promote

         Understand and explore personal aspects with the will to increase one's potential.

  • Prevent

         Participation in conferences, seminars, experiential workshops on specific topics.

  • Support

     Offer support to those who are experiencing situations of hardship, marginality, and disadvantage.

     The services are aimed at individuals and \ or their relatives who live in different situations: Parenting

  • Support Parents 
  • Personal and relational
  • Problems Situations of malaise and suffering
  • Receive professional advice at reduced costs
  • Personal growth and increase of one's resources
  • Request for information
  • Orientation on the structures to be consulted
  • Create contacts between the user and the association of the territory
  • Participation in emotional workshops 

Coordinators of the Service:

Dr. Federica Failla,

Dr. Federica Tropea

Call the number +39 351-6005581

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